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28 Februari 2017

54days without you


Allhamdulillah i don know what i have to say but i really want to thank to Allah i already found you. You know what it really hurt since you go outstation without bring phone. I sick when i feel this feeling. We never far away but without no communicate i feel so far away. Please i dont want cry anymore.

Thanks to someone because help me to found you at there. Wan tell us info what you have doing at there support with video sight and picture. Thanks because you give want take picture of you. I cry when i see your picture. I dont know why maybe i miss you a lot really miss you.
 You look so strong before you go there some like 'sado' your face look like tried i know baby you try so hard at there i know i feel u. I always pray the best for you at there. Don't forget me :(

He ask you are you ....?
Then you say yes.
He ask do you have girl (someone special)
You say yes! (omaigod i thought you forget me!)
He ask what is her name?
You say like "Shaaa"
He ask do you want to make call her?
Do you miss her?
You yes i want. yes i miss
You ask why stap?
He tell you that im do group with him  in the group i tell i miss u too
and he also explain that we don have relay we just friends.

Last weekend many class cancel this week full of seminar. My turn this evening maigod i feel wanna sleep at libbary right now. This libbary no boys lepak. so best.

before i forgot tomorrow is new moon of mac right? around 60 days i have waiting for you.

your girl.

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